Chapter 3 Engaging Learners

Find all of the resources referenced in Chapter 3 of The Essential Guide to Classroom Practice, and many more besides.

Board Game Design (page 75)

Here is a template along with a variety of resources to make your own board game for revision. Better still, give the templates to your students and see what they come up with.

Diamond 9s (page 76)

This is a nice game to review a topic and get your class competing as two teams. There are several ways to play the game depending on time and size of your class.

Fig 3.2 Diamond 9s

Wildcard Quiz Scorecard and Instructions

Dominoes (page 82)

A great way to involve the whole class. Create a chain on concepts that the class have to read out to create a loop that arrives back at the first person. Challenge the class to complete the loop as fast as possible and without hesitation.


Blankety Blank (page 82)

Get your class to identify the ‘blanks’ with this classic game show starter.


Comprehension Cranium Spinner

Download the spinner to randomise the categories assigned to students when playing the game explained on page 88.

Ten Minutes of TED


Now That’s What I Call [insert subject]


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