Chapter 1 Planning Lessons

The Essential Guide to Classroom Practice outlines a planning template that teachers might find useful when planning the learning in their lessons. The focus of Ofsted has, to some extent, moved away from expecting  explicit lesson plans during an observation. However, this lesson plan gives a framework to consider some of the key issues when planning for effective learning. Whether you are a newly qualified teacher or an experienced veteran, this lesson plan should provide a useful prompt for effective planning.

The Five-Part Lesson Plan (page 16)

Fig 1.0 5 Part Lesson Plan



Information-rich seating plans (page 37)

At the end of Chapter 1 I look at a few ways to use class data effectively. Here is a simple and visual model set up in Excel to organise your classes.

How to use the seating plan:

  1. Change the list of students in column A to match your class. The names on the smiley faces will automatically change. You can then drag the smileys onto any seat you wish.
  2. Adding SEN, G&T or any other info is easy. Select the cell with a student’s name then right click to ‘insert comment’. The comment will appear whenever you hover your cursor over the cell. Printing the seating plan will not show your comments.
  3. If you want to keep the comments in view select the ‘Review’ tab, then toggle ‘show all comments’ These will stay in view so you can print it off for an observer. Comments can also be dragged to show below a student’s smiley.
  4. The smiley’s can also be changed into any colour to represent what you like. This might be useful when showing groups of learners with similar needs/targets. The smiley can also be changed too JL. Although you might not want to show the students the seating plan like this.
  5. Finally, the tables can be moved and rotated into any position you like depending on the setup of your room. You can set up the different ‘sheets’ of the spreadsheet for different arrangements for your room i.e. group work… or just use the other sheets for different classes.

seating Plan


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