The Book

The Essential Guide to Classroom Practice:

200+ strategies for outstanding teaching and learning

Coming February 2015



The Essential Guide to Classroom Practice has been written with two questions in mind. These are the questions that are most important to all practitioners who seek to improve the quality of learning in their classrooms – what strategies work? And how do we implement them?

Covering all the areas that are key to effective teaching and learning, this text consists of over 200 practical strategies that secondary teachers can adopt and apply within their classroom. These strategies range from simple tools to improve the quality of questioning, to principles that can shape the whole approach to learning. Key topics covered include:

  • The five-part lesson plan
  • Developing thinking skills
  • How to engage learners
  • Encouraging collaborative learning
  • Challenging and supporting
  • Assessment and feedback.

A key feature of this book is the handy collection of ‘top tens’ that appear in each chapter, such as ten ways to use data in the classroom and ten ways to streamline your marking. The book clearly explains the benefit of each approach described and offers additional guidance on using websites and digital tools effectively in the classroom. Packed full of ideas, the book offers a one-stop shop for busy teachers.


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