Chapter 2 Thinking Skills

Find all of the resources referenced in Chapter 2 of The Essential Guide to Classroom Practice, and many more besides.

The Creativity Wheel (page 48)

The Creativity Wheel is a tool that can be used in a range of contexts to encourage ‘deliberate creativity’. The resource includes a full colour diagram of the creativity wheel with ten prompts for new ideas and innovation. The Creativity Wheel also comes with a presentation to explain the different techniques that make up the wheel.

Plenary Dice (page 50)

A simple resource that can be used as a generic plenary to get students reflecting on their learning. Print the dice net onto card and have a set ready for an effective plenary to any lesson.

Exit Signs (page 51)

Prompt students to think about their progress as they exit your classroom.

The Socratic Plenary (page 52)

The Socratic technique to discussion is a really effective approach for debate and helps students critique their own understanding  by exploring themes such as clarify, evidence, perspectives, assumptions and value. This worksheet helps prompt this discussion.

 The Question Matrix (page 55)


 Picture Wall (page 58)

Use a simple collage of pictures and challenge students to make connections between their learning and the images in front of them. Here is a simple example.

The Six Learning Junctions (page 61)

A technique to embed Dweck’s Mindsets and apply it to day to day situations at school.

The Conditions For Learning (page 64)

Here are a set of resources for teachers and students to come up with a set of agreed principles to support effective learning. The principle is based around a set of skills and dispositions for teachers and students to champion and a set of learning barriers to avoid or overcome.


Thinking Word Cards (page 67)

These cards can be used in a variety of ways to help students reflect on their learning and consider the processes they went through during the lesson. See page 67 for a full description on how the cards might be used.


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